Olympus 2249

Olympus 2249 [IN DEVELOPMENT]

– it’s an old-school RPG with turn-based battles, in the setting of post-apocalypse, visualized by a combination of Art Deco and dieselpunk styles, with a unique “typecast” dialog system.

It is a sequel of Olympus 2207, but to understand what is happening, you do not need to play the predecessor. The story has a new protagonist, a new region, and new events.

The world of the game lives by its own rules, it has its own slang, traditions, and well-established way of life. You will learn what the “Heptode Council” does, the meaning of “twitch”. And not only that, of course.

The background of the character, the course of the plot, the answers available to the player, and the ways to solve game situations depend on the worldview of the main character.

There are five “types” available: asshole, rascal, neutral, positive, and moralist. For example, if your character is an “asshole”, then he will never talk and behave like a “good guy” (even if you really want to make an exclude in some situation). During dialogues, the character only has access to answers of his own and related types.

Communication turns out to be complex and natural. Here, for example, is a short dialog from the developer side:

It looks big, but you will probably fly it in a few minutes (each cube is a line of the player or character).

The worldview changes dynamically based on the decisions made, thus influencing the further game.

Кстати, готовьтесь к жестокости и матам. В постапокалипсисе люди не обсуждают пирожочки под радугой.

The original design in Olympus 2249 has absorbed a combination of dieselpunk and Art deco, rather than the “mainstream” retrofuturism so familiar to everyone thanks to Fallout series.

Shooting and wounding are aimed at creating the feeling that a character is an ordinary person, not a superhero. Good armor will be impenetrable for weak weapons, a grenade will easily tear the enemy to pieces (literally).

Death comes very quickly here. Just like in real life.




We struggle with the circumstances of life and slowly develop a project :)

Unfortunately, now it is simply impossible to set the release date.

The current plan is to finish the first city and the first story arc, polish them, and share it as a public demo. Perhaps this will help to find funding and speed up the process.

Most of the technical part of the project is done, the main tasks now are around content (graphic assets and dialogs).

We are working on a technical build, which we will show to potential investors. Then the demo version.


More information about the project

We will release a few articles about Lore later, stay in touch ;)

The game is developed on the Unreal Engine 4 engine.

The system requirements will be published later, after a series of tests at the alpha stage of the game.

Olympus 2249 is a sequel of the non-commercial modification of Olympus 2207. Olympus 2249 is a commercial product, the rights to which belong to Dieselship studio and are protected by copyright law.