Olympus 2207

Olympus 2207

– it’s a total conversion (modification) of Fallout 2, using its engine and basic mechanics, but getting completely new graphics, additional gameplay features, and a new story in a new world, not related to the Fallout series. It is the first part of the series.

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Olympus 2207 uses the Fallout 2 engine, which means that it has a system of skills and perks used in Fallout 2. Unfortunately, the game has the same technical flaws and limitations as Fallout 2.

Olympus 2207 was released on December 26, 2014. Patch 1.1 was released on September 12, 2015. The last build of the game for version 1.2 was released on June 5, 2021.


  • Choose a skin color instead of a gender. This affects possible ways of solving some quests.
  • The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system is modified. Changes include: rebalancing the influence of characteristics and skills on gameplay, the skill “Gambling” is replaced by “Casanova” – the ability to convince women, the perk “Sexual Attraction” is replaced by “Mechanical Memory” – automatic growth of skills depending on their use. (The rights to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. role system belong to their owners.)
  • Three stages in the life of the main character: age 7, age 17, age 20. The first two stages are tutorial and can be skipped.
  • Crafting system.
  • Build weapons from parts using workbenches. Keep in mind that there is no wear and tear of equipment in the game.
  • Mini-game for hacking electronic panels. Way to go if your electronics hacking skill is too low, or if you want to gain additional experience.
  • Simulation of the life of the NPC.
  • No “Main Quest”. You choose your own goal in the game! Do you want to become the tyrant of Radius, or do you want to improve the lives of everyone in it? The choice is yours!

The game takes place in the Silicon Valley region of the United States, in the year 2207.

The Great War happened back in 2013: it left behind a lifeless wasteland glowing with radiation. But humanity, akin to a virus, did not die out: some took refuge in their improvised shelters, the rich hid in the elite and comfortable “Livos” vault, and other exceptionally lucky people found themselves at the right moment by the walls of the “Olympus” skyscraper. The rest, not so lucky to protect themselves of radiation, had to adapt to the new conditions on the evolutionary, genetic level.

Faced with hunger and powerlessness, a person tends to degrade quickly. Without GlobalNet and news broadcasts, people forgot about what is “good” and what is “bad”. Eventually, everyone started to define the meanings of these words for themselves. Do you have food and shelter from the dangers of outside world? That’s good! You have no food and nothing to protect yourself from wild beasts? Your buddy only has two bullets in his gun? That’s bad… Now you have a gun and food? Good!

Man is a social creature, so people started looking for each other. Some tried to fight hunger together by getting food in different ways. Others have found that being in a group makes easier to take things away from those who have something… Eventually, communities began to appear. Some attacked, others defended themselves. The most aggressive gathered into a group called “Sunset Jackals”, and began terrorizing the Radius of Silicone Valley. The Jackars attacked not only loners and small families living in old houses, but also – old pre-war factories, such as the “Happy Bull” cannery, or the famous “Rainbow Pharmaceuticals” chemical plant. When the victims became numerous and the benefits were not forthcoming, the communities made a deal and began trading with what they had: food, water, drugs, and weapons – the four staples of the New World.

But no matter how much the faction leaders wanted to acquire the resources of their fellows, the ultimate dream of anyone living in the Radius was, and still is, to get into the “Olympus”.

The fortified “Olympus” skyscraper rises right in the center of Radius, luring everyone who sees it. Lined with solar panels, it gleams in the sun like a beacon, attracting more and more hungry people from the remotest corners of Radius. But the gates of the tower always remain closed, and those who approach them risk encountering a patrol of Defenders. The rotting bodies of those who have dared still lie around the perimeter of the tower…

“Olympus” is a dream.

“Olympus” is hope.

“Olympus” is a fortress.

“Olympus” is your cradle.

“Olympus” is your home.

“Olympus” is your grave…

  • The standard screen resolution is 800×600
  • The main control is the mouse (+ non-configurable keyboard shortcuts)
  • Graphics are managed via DirectX 9
  • Operating system – Windows XP or older versions of Windows (in Windows 98, the game may run with errors)
We used the next software to create Olympus 2207:
  • 3D modeling: Blender v2.49
  • 2D (standard formats): Paint, GIMP
  • 2D (Fallout formats): Viewer, FrameAnimator
  • Scripts: Sfall’s ScriptEditor
  • Text: Bred3.0
Olympus 2207 is a fan-made, non-commercial, deep modification of Fallout 2. Olympus 2207 uses the main executable file and some graphics, text, and audio files of the game Fallout(R) 2, owned by Bethesda Softworks LLC and ZeniMax Media. Also, during creating Olympus 2207 has been used: mapper2.exe, sfall and Fallout2 Resolution Patch, the rights to which belong to their creators.
The rights to all other resources (created by members of Nebesa Games; now Dieselship studio), and to the content of this site belong to this site (olympus2207.com) administrators and are protected by copyright law.
Fallout(R) 2 is trademark or registered trademark of Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company, in the U.S, and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved.


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