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English version of Fallout2: Oblivion Lost
(40,96 Mb) 15.07.2011, 12:16
What's new in Fallout2: Oblivion Lost ?
  • 12 new locations;
  • 38 new maps;
  • Added 51 critter animations (one new critter)
  • 105 new items
  • 72 file dialogues.
  • Interface hacks (very good ones)
  • Customised encounter table

It also changes some of the original files; changes the plot, and adds about 500 files a new unique pieces of art.

   If you know the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game, or you have ever had some interest in this topic, then you probably have an idea of the abilities of such an informational field, if not then you will learn about it during the main plot of the game.

   Your main and only mission is the same - to save your dying village Arroyo. But how can you accomplish that? Again, you must look for the sacred suitcase - the G.E.C.K., but now there is entirely new way to find it. You get to the territory of the Chernobyl Alienation Zone, where you will search for that unique device. When the game starts, the Zone has been in existence for several years, changing itself and it's inhabitants...

   The question is not how YOU get in the Zone, but how the Zone got into the "territory of post-nuclear North-America". The answer to that question can be found deep in the Zone, in dialogs, or in few notes which miraculously stayed intact...

Категория: Fallout2: Oblivion Lost | Добавил: Rainman | Теги: Oblivion Lost, English, Fallout2, FOL
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