Current status of the Project O2 (Sequel of the Olympus 2207)

What is Project O2?

Project O2 is a hardcore old school RPG, which takes place on the territory of the former United States in fictional universe affected by nuclear war.

The main character backstory, the plot, possible ways of solving problems, avaliable line of conduct in the dialogues depends on worldview of the protagonist. There are five of them: asshole, rascal, neutral, positive and moralist. For example - if your character is a asshole - he can't talk like a "good guy". But gradually protagonist can change his worldview, even from asshole to moralist and back.

The distinctive design of the game universe is a style of dieselpunk​ and art deco, instead of popular retrofuturism.

Main character is not a horse and he can't carry a couple dozen of guns - inventory is limited like in real life. Shooting and injuries also made so that you feel like a real person, not a superhero.

In-game world has its own rules, language and way of life. You will learn what is "bench", what "The Council of the Geptod" are doing and why you need "Dergach". And not only this, of course.

Current status

We are working on demo version.
Overall progress (demo) 90%
Graphics and animation (demo) 100%
Sound and music (demo) 100%
Texts (demo) 90%
Code and scripts (demo) 70%

And you see it right now :)

At first we'll create a technical demo, with which we can either to go to crowdfunding or find an investor.

More information about game

We will write several articles about game universe later (it deserves a whole cycle), stay tuned ;)

The game is developed on the Unreal Engine 4.

System requirements will be published at a later date, after a series of tests during the alpha phase of the game.

Project O2 is a sequel of the nonprofit modification Olympus 2207 and it is a commercial product, the rights which belong to the Dieselship studio and are protected by copyright law.